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Poor Richard's Restaurant and Rico's Cafe and Wine Bar

"Everything ordered was fantastic and presentation was impeccable. The setting was also unique with used books, toys and a coffee shop with tables scattered throughout." TripAdvisor, June 26, 2012

Dave H. - Via Email
I’m currently working in Afghanistan and recently had the pleasure of eating lunch at your establishment while I was home on R&R. Actually, we ate lunch there, twice. While I’ve been away, my wife, her friends and my daughters have been frequent patrons of your business and they couldn’t wait to take me there while I was at home. I must say that I was impressed with the quality of your food, atmosphere, and overall business philosophy. I just wanted to say thanks for offering an excellent business choice to the public that also supports the local community. I look forward to my next visit in October.

Rory W. - Via Yelp.com
The atmosphere was key for our ultimate experience.  The shop itself is small and quaint with red brick walls and small wooden tables, but it isn't too small to be cramped. The staff were friendly and efficient, and most of all logical - we ordered a fountain drink to share (free refills so why spend more money?) and the guy taking our order just gave us two glasses to make it easier on us. Pretty sweet.

What we dug most of all was the information available. There is a massive cork board with tons of information on goings-ons in the area, with free stacks of the local Independent newspaper with even more info. Between the two we found a wealth of events to fill our time in our limited stay in CS.  Definitely dig the vibe in this place and recommend a stop to any visitors for some good pizza and plenty of info on stuff to do.


Poor Richard's Bookstore

Tiffany A. - Via Yelp.com
I'm excited to have come across this place.  I have stopped buying most books as I use a B&N eBook reader now, but I love second hand and older title books that can't be found in ebook format.  The atmosphere and ambiance of this shop is outstanding.  Everything about the shop is well cared for, the staff are friendly, and as narrow as the aisles are stocked up to the ceiling with books - people seem to make it around just fine.  Every subject can be found in there from world history to gay and lesbian, from childrens books to travel.  I felt very comfortable with my experience here, and am anxious to return.  They also sell various, beautiful hippie styled/bohemian shoulder bags, various types of jewelry, a small collection of drawing supplies, desktop nicknacks, wallets, and general creative gifts.  Poor Richards books is now on my list of places to bring friends from out of town.

Matt T. - Via Yelp.com
This is the best new-and-used bookstore in Colorado Springs. The fiction section is largest, but this windy and surprisingly large bookstore features a decent philosophy section, as well as a "Colorado" section. It also includes (although I don't frequent these as much) history, psychology, politics, Judaism, Christianity, mystery, science, romance, art and art history, and a few shelves up front of hand-picked new releases in both fiction and non-fiction. The books are always in great condition and the prices are very reasonable. Keep an eye out for signed copies and first-editions, if you're into collecting.  The staff is friendly, the tables are for reading, and the wi-fi is free.


Little Richard's Toystore

Anthony L. - Via csindy.com
Walking past Little Richard's Toy Store on a recent trip downtown with my 3-month-old son, I felt a vague twinge of apprehension. Through the shop windows, I glimpsed a panoply of stuffed animals, robots and musical toys, precisely the sorts of things the pre-baby me never dreamed of wanting. Yes, we'll be spending money there. On the bright side, I do appreciate knowing it's all good stuff: Little Richard's generally favors toys that don't need batteries and that build creativity. It's also branching into ecologically friendly toys, a nice touch in a world filled with plastic, uh, doo-doo.

Tina B. - Via Yelp.com
Jammed packed store brimming with a manic collection of toys that are not just exciting for the kiddos, but for their parents, too.  A menagerie of plastic animals, but a bunch of them made in Europe. Puppets and dress up clothes (but not the kind of draggy dress up like "Little Richard" Little Richard) science sets, silly stuff, puzzles, baby toys. They sell the awesome Kettler push bikes here and globe puzzles with the pieces int he shapes of real countries!

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