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At the Poor Richard’s complex we pride ourselves on having a positive impact on both our customers and our community. We proudly serve preservative-free, organic, and local food whenever possible, in addition to many whole grain, vegetarian, vegan, wheat, dairy, sugar and gluten-free options.  Our retail selections include many fair-trade, recycled, organic, and all-natural materials.  All of our unused food is donated to the Marion House Soup Kitchen.

Poor Richard's strives to create a positive impact on customers and the community.We serve many Colorado-made products, including locally baked bread, pies & other assorted sweet treats, Colorado Eggland’s Best Eggs, organic beef, Denver based Polidori Sausages with no MSG or preservatives,  and many Colorado micro-brews including New Belgium, Bristol and Odell Brewing Company. We support local artists by carrying the work of local jewelers, providing a venue for local musicians, displaying art shows in the restaurant and café.   We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and have been committed to finding ways for our businesses to grow and prosper while also reducing our impact on the environment. We have made major headway in several key areas; most impressively the rooftop installation of 117 photovoltaic solar arrays which now provide up to 50% of our complex's electrical power. Our to-go containers are made from recycled, recyclable, or compostable materials. We compost all of our paper and food waste, and recycle all aluminum, plastic and cardboard materials, courtesy of Bestway Disposal.

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