Poor Richard's Solar Array

Poor Richard's recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and have been committed to finding ways for their businesses to grow and prosper while also reducing stress on the environment. They have made major headway in several key areas; most impressively the rooftop installation of 117 photovoltaic solar arrays which now provide up to 50% of the complex's electrical power.

We are continually striving to find new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition to installing several of the highest-efficiency HVAC units on the market, they are also transitioning all retail lighting to energy-saving LED bulbs. All food waste is now composted, and paper & plastic is recycled, which has reduced the number of trash pickups for the businesses from five each week to just one. The remainder of Poor Richard’s “greening” plans will be fully implemented in the coming months, as this is a business that genuinely cares about the health and success of its community and will continue to support that community indefinitely.


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